Prayer requests

Prayer points

Holy God, we come before you with thanksgiving. We are thankful for:
• The Holy Scriptures, which bring clarity, encouragement and hope to all.
• Over 215 years of the Bible Society movement.
• The ministry of nearly 150 Bible Societies in 240 countries and territories.
• Faithful donors and committed partners.
• The availability of the Bible in 692 languages spoken by 5.6 billion people.
• The completion in the past year of first Scripture translations in 44 languages used by over 77 million people.

Together with Christians around the globe, we pray:
• For the 246 million people without any access to Scripture in their heart language.
• That you continue to prosper the work of Bible Societies and partner agencies.
• For those around the world working tirelessly for the Bible cause, including translators, publishers, distributors and fundraisers.
• For those working in countries where it is dangerous to be a Christian
• That you open the hearts and minds of those who oppress Christians.
• That you ready us to stand with those who are persecuted for the sake of your kingdom.

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