Study Bible

There is a large majority of christian ministries in Madagascar. Many christian churches have been created during the past ten years. This situation requires that christian leaders have a deep knowledge of the scripture. According to its mission – to equip the Christians with biblical materials -, the Malagasy Bible Society is working on the Study Bible project to respond to this need to have a better understanding of the scriptures. This is also the first Study Bible that involves many theologians from different denominations in Madagascar.


Illiteracy is a main cause of extreme poverty. In Madagascar, the literacy national strategy aims to reduce the illiteracy rate among adult over 15 years from 35.35% to 27.5% in 2015. Though it has not been achieved, the Malagasy Bible Society (MBS) is also working to contribute in reducing this percentage to 25% in 2030. It will impact on many spheres of the community such as the economy, health, education, …

Faith Comes By Hearing

In partnership with Hosannah Ministries, audio scriptures are provided to the Malagasy Bible Society (MBS) to be diffused in remote areas to preach the Gospel. This is really helpful as we are still working on reducing the illiteracy rate in the country. A group of listening is created to help christians to study the Bible and to guide them on how to live God’s words in their daily life.

Antemoro translation project

This project is designed to provide the New Testament to people in Manakara district in South-east of Madagascar. Though the official Malagasy Bible exists, we have noticed that sometimes, there are misunderstanding around some terms used in it. The Antemoro tribe represents about 800.000 speakers who are sensitive to ancestral religion and to Islam.